The 5 Signs of Termites in Your Home

A termite infestation is every homeowner’s nightmare, especially because they are so hard to spot. However, there are a few things that you can look for if you suspect that your home might have some unwelcome guests. 

Here are 5 signs that you might have termites in your home. 

1. Swarms 

Many people don’t realize that before they start moving into your home, termites actually have wings. 

They fly outdoors in swarms of other termites, which are composed of male and female termites. These young termites have left their home colony after reaching maturity to find a mate and establish a new colony. 

While these swarms most often occur outdoors, they can also occur indoors – and inside your home. 

2. Wings

When these swarms of termites have subsided (meaning that they have found a place to build a colony) they will not need their wings again. 

Once termites have settled, they will shed their wings, because they will not need to fly again. These tiny wings are typically found near windows and areas where there are sources of light. If you see these tiny wings in your windowsill, call a professional immediately.

3. Hollow Sounding Wood

If you are hanging a picture frame in your home, and when you knock on the wall trying to find the beam and it sounds hollow, this could mean that termites have made their way into your home. 

Sometimes, termites eat the wood so thinly that there is hardly anything left but that paint that was on the walls. If you notice that your walls are sounding hollow, call a professional termite inspector immediately. 

4. Frass

The sawdust that you may find at the base of trees in your yard or near the baseboards in your home is actually something very different. It is frass, which is the droppings left by termites. 

If you see a sawdust-like substance on the floors or in the attic of your home, this is almost always a sign of termites. It is recommended to get a termite inspection by a professional inspector if you notice this. 

5. Clicking or Tapping 

If you are in your quiet home, and you notice a small sound that is like a tapping or clicking, this may mean that termites are in your home. 

This sound is produced when termite soldiers (the termites who protect the colony) feel threatened and need to alert the rest of the colony. They do this by shaking their bodies or banging their heads against the walls.

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