Phoenix, AZ

Moving to the Phoenix area? See Common Home Inspection Findings in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ is made up of 4.73 million people making it the 11th largest city in the United States. What was once settled in 1867 as an agricultural center is now a bustling city with over 210 sunny days; fitting, considering the city’s nickname is Valley of The Sun.

Real Estate

Real Estate leads Phoenix’s industry raking in over $35.5-billion per year. The median home price in the city is $239,000 which has grown over 8% in just one year. The city was hit hard with the housing crisis 2008-2009 and is now recovering.


The city is also becoming a destination for new technology and electronics with Fortune 500 companies like Avent and PetSmart. Intel employs about 12,000 people in the city making it one of their largest business hubs. U-Haul and BestWestern call Phoenix their HQ.


Phoenix is surrounded by a vast ‘parks and recreation’ environment with options like the infamous Camelback Mountain and Maricopa County which boasts the largest parks system in the country. The world’s largest municipal park is nearby, South Mountain Park, and there are more than 180 city parks covering nearly 42,000 acres. Phoenix is serious about outdoor recreation.


All four major league sports are represented in the city with the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, The Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Arizona Cardinals. The city continues to attract new artists every year and is also home to the 3rd ranked Children’s Museum in the country.


As of 2017 census numbers, the city is comprised of 65.9% Caucasian, 6.5% African American and 2.6% Native American. Pew Research states that over 66% of the population identifies as Christian.


There are over 33 school districts in Phoenix, 21 are elementary and four of which are high school. The school district is one of the largest in the country serving over 27,000 students with more than 430 schools in the great metro area.   

Phoenix attracts people to its southwest vibe as the main county saw the largest city growth of all counties in the country according to the 2017 census. Are you moving here too? We would love to help you with a home inspection and personally welcome you to the neighborhood. Give us a call or connect with us online, we would be happy to help you get settled in Phoenix, Arizona.