Commonly Missed Red Flags When Buying a Home

Buying a home is a stressful experience with a lot of things to worry about, so when you have finished the process and finally closed on a house – the last things you want are more issues. 

Knowing these commonly missed red flags and making sure to get a home inspection to find any other defects are the best way to find a worry-free home in Arizona. 

1. Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are something that so many people miss when they are looking at a home. Especially in Arizona, many people forget that the foundation can still have issues without snow and rain eroding them. 

Small cracks and a slight shift of the home are easy to disregard if you do not have a careful eye, or if you choose to purchase a home without a home inspection. 

A home inspection will check to make sure that the home isn’t shifting and that the foundation isn’t cracked, which can lead to various problems in the future if gone unnoticed. 

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2. Fresh Coats of Paint

A house with a fresh coat of paint can look like it is well taken care of and that the rest of the house has been updated. However, new paint can also mean that the homeowner covered up problems such as mold, cracks or other patchwork with a fresh coat of paint. 

Another red flag is random patches of fresh paint. These can mean patchwork as well and are concerning for buyers because they typically mean that something was fixed quickly or temporarily.  

3. Overlooking the Neighborhood

Sometimes if you think you have found the perfect house for you and your family, you may be willing to overlook certain things that would normally be important to you. One of these things is the neighborhood that the house is in. 

Even though you might have found your dream home, if the neighborhood around it isn’t what you’re looking for. 

  • For example, the houses around are not kept up with, the neighbors have barking dogs and parties, or the schools aren’t as prestigious, and more can result in a bad experience. 

Ultimately, if your home is perfect but the surroundings are not, it can make your home a nightmare. 

4. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners and candles in every room are easy to miss during a showing, but they are something that you definitely need to be looking for. 

If you notice that a house you were looking at purchasing always has air fresheners and candles lit, it is important to look further into it. 

Typically – homes that are especially fragrant when the owner is there, and priced at a good price – has a hidden odor that the owner is trying to mask until the home is sold. These odors could be pointing to bigger problems like mold, sewer damage, rotting, etc. 

It is recommended that you get a home inspection before closing on a home always – but especially if you notice a bad or too good of a smell. 

5. The House was “Flipped”

“Flipped” homes are extremely popular – especially with reality TV shows and many people making a living off flipping homes. 

  • However, not all homes that have been flipped are a dream come true. Too often, a home will be flipped by being cosmetically fixed and repairing the things that will help it sell the fastest. 
  • Things that take longer to repair like electrical circuits and structural problems are left for the buyer to discover down the road and deal with.

Looking for these commonly missed red flags can help make sure that you are getting the home of your dreams, and not the home of your nightmares. 

Beware of homes until you get an inspection to make sure that the home has no hidden problems! 

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