Best Neighborhoods to Live in Phoenix

One of the most challenging aspects of buying a home is learning “where” to purchase. At first, when you have a city locked in you think the right house will just easily follow suit, unfortunately, this is only when it starts getting tough. We can empathize, which is why we decided to do a little homework on some of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix. We will include professional feedback that takes into account a number of factors. We hope this information helps make your next home purchase a little easier.

What the Experts Say

To determine the best neighborhoods, we should define what makes a great one and some of the factors that help identify what that might be. These are points that most people can agree on. Low crime, higher than average incomes, low unemployment, higher home prices and population. All of this put together allows experts to determine what neighborhoods are “hot” and give you ideas of where to start your search.

Desert View – The most desirable neighborhood at the moment is Desert View. The data at HomeSnacks give this neighborhood a 9 out of 10 due to its higher rating in safety, jobs, and amenities. The affordability is just 6 out of 10 which tends to be due to the area’s higher demand. The median home price in this neighborhood is almost $360,000. Niche, another online rating center, give Desert View the 3rd top neighborhood ranking with similar scores as to other rating sites.

Ahwatukee Foothills – Even with better affordability and similar safety stats as Desert View, this neighborhood comes in at a close second place. The median home price is just $298,000 and is recorded as having high safety and amenity ratings. Homesnacks gave this neighborhood a 9 out of 10 as well. Niche gave this neighborhood the number one spot as it gets higher marks in diversity, making it a well-rounded community.

North Gateway – A neighborhood that has a median home price of about  $260,000 with high safety and employment marks. The only place this neighborhood falls short (at the moment) are the amenities, which are likely to improve as demand rises. Niche found the nightlife and amenities to be lacking a bit, which is perhaps why it is number eight on their list.

Paradise Valley – Finally, we want to mention Paradise Valley as the up and coming neighborhood getting high praise. Homes average about $250,000, and the amenities are on the rise due to the demand of the area growing. Residents say they love the easy access to the amenities but also the great outdoors. Most people who have shared their experience of living in this neighborhood give it an excellent or really good rating.

What do you think? Have you lived in one of these neighborhoods or do you plan to move there? The Dwelling Inspectors would love to know your thoughts or help you with a home inspection if you’re planning to buy. Have a look around our site and connect with us to get scheduled for inspection services.